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Efficient Communication

Our software facilitates seamless communication between teachers, parents, and students.

Streamlined School Tasks

With features such as attendance tracking and exam management, our software simplifies and automates all tasks.

Enhanced Data Management

SchoolKrypt provides tools for managing and analyzing school data. From student records to financial information.

Core Features

Streamlining School Operations

Enquiry Management

Easily capture and track inquiries from students and parents, assign tasks to staff.

Staff Directory

Get to know the dedicated team and browse profiles of teachers and support staff.

Notice board

Easily distribute updates to students, parents, and staff with few clicks.


Get instant updates on events and important News directly to your phone and inbox.

Chat with teacher

Provides collaboration, addressing queries, and feedback between teacher and students.


Streamlines the process by enabling teachers to create and provide tasks.

Staff management

Efficiently manage your staff, track attendance and streamline communication

Photo Gallery

Effortlessly upload and showcase your school's memorable moments.

Academic session

It allows to manage academic calendars and student progress throughout the school year.

Students progress

Allows educators to analyze students' performance and attendance over time.


Efficiently monitor student progress, attendance and streamline operations.

Import data

Effortlessly import student, teacher, and administrative data into our software .

HR management

It simplifies tasks such as payroll, attendance tracking, students & staff data management.

Payroll management

Efficiently manage payroll for school staff & administration with accurace and time.

Admission management

Streamline the entire process from application submission to enrollment.

Student management

This includes student data such as personal details, attendance and academic performance.

Attendance Management

Allows tracking and managing student, teacher and staff attendance.

Fee management

Facilitates the collection of fees, payment schedules and outstanding payments.

Timetable management

Helps in creating and managing class schedules and efficient use of resources.

Exam management

Facilitates the creation and scheduling of exams and generating exam reports.

Library management

Allows tracking of library resources, managing books, and generating report.

Data Analysis

Analyze imported data for insights and trends of overall school activities.


Provides insights through customizable reports and analytics to track performance.


Enables teachers to record and track grades, generate report cards.


Provide valuable feedback on services with our intuitive feedback feature.

Advance Features

Unlock Enhanced Capabilities: Explore Our Advanced Features.

Event management

Streamline everything from parent-teacher meetings to extracurricular activities.

Trip management

Easily plan, schedule, update details all in one place.

Transport management

Our software optimizes bus routes and track real time using GPS.

Hostel management

Streamline room allocation, occupancy, meal plans and monitor expenses.

Accounting management

Easily track expenses, revenue, and budget allocations with detailed reports.

Inventory management

Streamline procurement, monitor stock and generate detailed reports.

Visitor management

Easily register visitors, track their entry and exit times, and enhance safety.

Premium Features

Unlock premium features for enhanced school management.


Manage courses, assignments and marks all in one platform

Live classes

Engage students with interactive live sessions and share resources instantly.


Create, manage, and administer multiple-choice questions effortlessly.

Practice Tests

Create quizzes tailored to specific subjects, topics, or learning objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about setting up, managing and using our school management software.

SchoolKrypt is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline various educational tasks within school.

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