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Seamless Integration for Effortless Management: Connect Your School Ecosystem with Ease!

Streamlined Operations

Integration enables seamless communication and data flow between different modules of the school.

Cost Savings

By eliminating multiple systems and reducing manual work, integration can result in significant cost savings.

Customization and Scalability

Integrated SchoolKrypt solutions can be customized to meet the unique needs of each educational institution.

Integrations With:

Explore Integration Features: Enhance Your Software Functionality


Connect with our SMS gateway provider, and start sending messages instantly.

WhatsApp Api

WhatsApp API helps you to streamline communication and stay connected.


Seamlessly send and receive emails within the SchoolKrypt interface.

Payment Gateway

Our integration ensures that all transactions are secure and encrypted.

Card Machine

Parents and students can easily make payments using debit or credit cards.

QR Code

Enable QR code for school fees, store purchases, and other transactions.

Google Maps

This integration ensures efficient bus management and overall school experience.


LMS integration enables easy access to course materials, assignments and grades.

Live Streaming Server

Broadcast live content. Through YouTube, Zoom or Livekrypt.

Cloud Storage

Manage Data Via Google Drive, Cloud storage, or Vidyokrypt bucket.

Offline LMS

This feature allows users to access the content stored on the pendrive .


Provide benefits such as financial management, inventory and reporting.

Mobile Apps

Available for your

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